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6 Advantages of Product Prototyping

What is Product Prototyping

Prototyping is a golden asset for business projects. Being an early draft of the final product, a prototype is built in a system development method. Businesses test it thoroughly, rework it as required until they achieve the desired final prototype. This prototype is then referred to develop the complete system or product. 

A prototype is referred to as a model to check if the design and system are capable of serving the requirements of the project. It is done before starting the design and coding of the actual product. In a nutshell, prototyping is a test run for the project

A business is at a great advantage when it includes product prototyping as a standard procedure before launching a new product. Below is the compiled list of benefits you can expect from product prototyping for your business. 

6 Ways Product Prototyping Can Benefit You

  • Increases User Involvement

User involvement is inherent to product prototyping. Clients and customers can enjoy the opportunity of getting involved in the product development process and contribute constructively to the working version of the project. 

Prototyping largely reduces the chances of misunderstanding and unfulfilled expectations. It allows the user to provide feedback at the initial stage of development which avoids last-minute clashes. Be it a positive or negative, you can provide your thoughts and petition for updates in the project and get the errors and problematic areas modified as per requirement. 

  • Saves Money

You must have heard this phrase – the penny you saved is a penny you earned. For good reason, prototyping allows you to save your pennies.

Be it small or big, projects always possess certain risks. Building a prototype gives you an idea of what approaches work and what do not so that the developer can quickly weed out the failed or less productive approaches.

Moreover, prototyping helps in identifying the required changes in the early stage, reducing the overall cost of the project. During the testing, it eliminates both long-term and short-term problems. Isolating and correcting these problems help avoid embarrassing and expensive modifications later. 

  • Saves Time

Developing a product or system requires ample time. If any changes or errors are identified after the completion of the development process, it will be required to redo multiple steps involved in development. Updates need more time and can delay your product delivery. And you cannot satisfy your customers by offering them late delivery. Also, more time required means more expenses. 

Product prototyping helps avoid such complications and alerts you well in time to modify your product and saves your and your clients’ time.

  • Increases Probability of Funding

You can consider prototyping as a tool to bridge the gap between the investor and your business. Through prototyping, you can showcase the vision of your product and its potential growth to convince investors to invest in your project. It is a seed to attract funding as a real model of the product gives investors a clearer view of what they are getting into. Proving the workability of the project can increase the probability of getting funds.

  • Allows Interactions and Checks Functionality 

On-screen plans and ideas of functionality are unable to convey the actuality of the project. You only get an overview of the product in case. 

However, prototyping facilitates the developer, designer, and user to interact with the project and check its functionality for every aspect. It allows both the positives and the negatives of the product to surface. 

  • Increases Customer Satisfaction 

In the traditional method of development, there existed a huge gap between customers’ expectations and the final result of a project. Not to mention, it is a highly unfavorable situation and a recipe for the failure of the project.

Luckily, prototyping comes to the rescue. When it comes to presenting a planned functionality of the expected project, the complexity of the project and customer preferences are considered. The presentation starts with providing a simple draft of the UI created by an analyst and ends with proof of concept with the prototype. It directly increases the probability of delivering a project according to customers’ expectations, thus increasing customer satisfaction. 

Product prototyping is a game-changer for businesses and can take your projects to greater heights. If you need help with it, Karma Product Development can assist you. Our dedicated team of product development experts turns your ideas into reality with our consistent and proactive efforts. Call us today to know more about our services.