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Karma Product Development

Karma Product Development services include Patent Searches, US Patent Applications, Invention Design, Invention Engineering, CAD Engineering, Invention Prototypes, Prototype Design, Prototype Engineering, Prototype Development, Patent Development, Patent Engineering, and Invention Manufacturing domestically or overseas.

We provide inventors with the services they need to prototype their inventions, license their inventions, or take their inventions into production, ready to sell.

Karma Product Development Florida

Evaluate Patentability

The first step in patenting is to find out if your invention qualifies for a patent. This is done by completing a patent search.

Make A Prototype Of Yours Idea

A prototype will help you to pin down the details of your invention, and such details help in the patenting process.

Licensing Your Product

Earn Royalty Income or a Buy-Out Fee by Licensing or Selling the Rights to Your Invention

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