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What is custom metal fabrication?

Custom metal fabrication is a process that cuts, shapes, and molds metal into a final fabricated product. It is a process of making metal products from stock metal components including sheet metal, metal rods, or metal bars.

Karma Product Development stainless steel fabrication can help you in producing a variety of shapes and sizes. We provide custom fabrication services for designing as well as the production of built-to-order parts to Companies, manufacturers, or DIYers looking for unique metal components or any non-standard metal component. 

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Our Specialized Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Karma Product Development custom metal fabrication services are over the top and useful in every stage of the metal product development process. Whether you are searching for an entire production run of items or you need support on a few metal component assemblies, we offer a full range of services to keep your business in shape. 

Designing: Do you have a design in your mind? Or a sketch or a CAD design? We can help you in putting it to reality. We can assist you in designing your product, component, or part before the building process begins. 

Fabrication: Right from designing, we help you in fabricating the best standard metal product for your business.

Finishing and assembly: The final stage of finishing and assembling as well as improving product quality through post-fabrication treatments.

Custom Fabrication Process

Karma Product Development custom sheet metal manufacturing begins in the top-notch department designed to follow the product development. Our designers work closely with project managers and purchasers to ensure high-quality raw materials for your metal fabrication needs. 

Our certified and experienced welding inspector makes sure to review every project before the process. Our inspector ensures that we stay updated on the latest technologies. We have well-trained and certified staff on board to meet your expectations. 

The Process

The building of products from metals starts in one of two forms; structural metal or sheet metal. Sheet metals are available as either rectangular sheets or rolls of different thicknesses and sizes. Sheet metal thicker than 3/16” comes into the category of the plate. 

On the contrary, structural metal comes in different shapes from the start. These include HSS, channels, beams, angles, and so on. 

The actual process of custom metal fabrication occurs in three stages,

  • Metal cutting
  • Metal forming
  • Metal Assembly

Metal Cutting

In this stage, various tools including notches, punches, lasers, plasmas, shears, and saws are utilized to give the metal a particular shape. 

Saws are used for straight-line cuts. Beams are passed through our specialist welding beamline to cut into various shapes and sizes. More articulate cuts are made by the use of shears. 

Lasers and plasmas are used for complex cutting such as circles or other critical curves. These cutting operations are controlled by computers that can cut any metal with precision.

Furthermore, notches and punches are used for creating openings on metals of various sizes or shapes using high pressure. 

Metal Forming

The custom fabrication process at Karma Product Development begins after metals are cut to precision. Machines with humongous force and pressure are utilized to give the metal the desired shape. 

The main techniques involved in forming metal shapes are press baking and rolling. Both of these are used to form metals with a huge range of thicknesses and sizes. 

The press bake forms machine guarding, pans, clips, cylinders, and cones. On the other hand, rolling forms angles, beams, square or rectangular tubing, and pipes. 

The welding technology at our facility stays up to date with the latest market standards. We make sure to enhance our press baking and rolling capabilities by including top-notch machines. Our robust rolling capabilities offer new services to our clients. At Karma Product Development, we have got the experience, skills, and the right equipment to efficiently get your job done with high-quality materials. 

Metal Assembly

Once the metals are formed, they are assembled and joined together. The process of assembling involves welding the pieces together under intense heat and pressure keeping the integrity of the individual pieces together. At this stage, the final product comes into being and all of the earlier metal shapes produced serve their intended purpose.

Our professional welders and fabricators maintain a high level of certification. We are proud of our welders and staff for providing excellence to every metal fabrication project. We make sure to provide them with the support they need to expand their skill set. 

Our Robust Inspection Process

We have a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) with us on board to look after the entire process of metal fabrication. Having a CWI on staff shows the dedication of a company to get the job done right. 

Our in-house certified welding inspector has the skill set to ensure that your fabrication process adheres to all the requirements, before, during, and after your project is completed.

Our CWI inspects the requirements and welding codes of a project before any work is finished. They are also involved in reviewing the documents and testing records of anyone working on the project to make sure that only certified teams perform the work before the work begins. These frequent checks and balances help in ensuring that your fabrication project has the right team, material, and certifications all of it together to generate a quality product. 

Having an inspector on board at any fabrication company shows that the company is willing to invest to get the job done right. Our inspector follows the project throughout and helps make adjustments to make sure that Karma Product Development brings high-quality products to its clients. 

Having a CWI on our team helps us in maintaining our best practices and safety standards for our staff as well as your fabrication project. 

Cost of Custom Metal Fabrication Products

A lot of clients we meet look for custom metal fabrication for a wide range of applications. Now, as each product has different needs. We make sure to provide you with a fair price for these services. 

The numbers are based on various factors including 

  • Size

The size of your custom metal fabrication project plays a huge role in determining the cost as larger products will require more labor and materials. 

Our standardized facilities are built to handle any custom metal fabrication project. However, if you require an oversized piece of metal product, our heavy-duty fabrication can be a good choice for you. All of our facilities have the same high-quality standards and attention to detail.

  • Metal

Aside from the size, the metal used for custom fabrication will also affect the price. The most common metals used are aluminum and stainless steel. 

However, depending on the type of your project other metals such as tungsten, brass, and copper can also be used. Alloys can also be used in the custom fabrication process. Also, some processes make use of precious metals including platinum, gold, or silver. 

  • Type of Processes 

The processes involved in designing your custom fabricated metalwork will also influence the price. Some majorly used processes are punching, rolling, bending, and metal cutting.

Metal assembling is performed by our experienced fabricators. Also, welding is required in most of the fabrication processes. 

The total cost is influenced by the number of processes that will be carried out to develop your product at our facility. The complexity of the project will also determine its price. 

Finishing Services- Industrial Painting, Powder Coating, and Blasting

With us, you don’t need to worry about your project. At Karma Product Development, we can also handle the finishing of your project needs before arriving at the destination. We can handle all of the finishing operations including industrial paint, powder coating, or blasting jobs with our high-performance equipment, and offer the required profile for your project. 

Paint & Powder Coat Booths

75’ x 32’ x 28’

50’ x 14’ x 16’

48’ x 14’ x 14’

Powder Coat Line

2’ x 4’ x 6’ (up to 250lbs)

Blast Booth

60’ x 16’ x 14’

Continuous Reclaim System

120 PSI Operating Pressure

Can Blast Carbon Steel, Stainless & Aluminum

Media: G80 Steel Grit & G80 Australian Garnet


With the help of the latest technology and techniques along with our workforce of highly skilled professionals, we offer a wide range of capabilities. At Karma Product Development we can fabricate, construct, assemble, inspect, disassemble, and ship your project to its destination. 

Our convenient location can make use of the number of transportation options including truck, rail, or ship to transport.

How Can You Save on Custom Fabrication?

The best way to save on custom fabrication is to find fabricators that work cost-effectively along with maintaining high quality. For instance, Karma Snack is one of the trusted fabricators that not only utilize high-end metal but also provide reasonable quotations for your needs. 

Karma Snack offers a wide range of services right from designing to assembling your product. By being an active part of your product development process, we help you in reducing costs by subcontracting companies for additional fabrication. Aside from this, we also get rid of in-timely delays caused by shipping by giving you top-notch delivery services. 

When you collaborate with us, your fabrication project becomes our project and we offer the best value in terms of both output, quality, and price. 

The Best of Both Worlds – At Karma Snack

Our team at Karma Snack is different. Our certified professionals are well adept with skills that help us in outperforming ourselves. With our amazing workforce, we offer comprehensive fabrication services at affordable prices. From using the latest technology to skilled fabricators and rafting oversized pieces with precision, Karma Snack is the team you need. 

For over two decades, Karma Snack has been providing customers with the highest quality devices for metal fabrication. The experienced team at Karma Snack including fabricators, welders, painters, and technicians have made it possible for us to provide you with the superlative output results. 

Contact Your Trusted Custom Metal Fabrication Company

It’s always a wise decision to hire trusted metal fabrication experts to ensure successful product delivery. Connect with the reliable team of Karma Snack Product Development and discuss your unique business needs. Give us a quick call at +1 (877) 650-8890 or write to us here to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Structural Steel?

Unlike the mainstream, the mainstream, products from structural steel are manufactured by using a particular profile, shape, or chemical. The metal is mainly composed of iron and carbon. Depending on the type of application, other metals can also be included for enhancing strength and durability. The engineers utilize specific steel profiles or plates depending on the span, load-bearing requirements, and the shape of the structure. 

What are the benefits of structural steel?

Cost: Steel is a highly durable metal. Having said that, it has a high strength to weight ratio which also reduces foundation costs. Faster construction cuts off labor costs. Furthermore, long-term costs-term costs are also reduced because steel structures do not require much maintenance and inspection. 

Time: Aside from providing faster construction, fabrication allows you to have control over the project timeline. This results in better project management. 

Design versatility: Steel can be easily molded into other forms. This provides the architects or engineers with abundant scope to show their creativity with innovative designs. Furthermore, the strength of steel is an excellent factor that allows building long spans without support columns. 

Adaptability: Steel framing can be easily extended both horizontally and vertically. Also, support beams can be strengthened without needing floor space. This makes extending your fabrication product much easier. 

Health and safety: Steel is a safe metal with fire and mold resistance properties.

Environmental benefits: Almost 90% of structural steel is recycled. This makes it one of the most environmentally-friendly materials. 

What is structural steel fabrication?

The engineer and architects make use of CAD to design complex structures with precision. To meet these requirements, the steel has to undergo a fabrication process. The process includes cutting, bending, assembling, and joining the metal with the highest level of precision and accuracy. These processes can be carried out in several ways depending on the type of material used, size of the project and the type of output needed. 

What to look for when considering structural steel fabrication?

Starting any project means drawing a timeline and budget in the first place. However, you can’t allow your budget to hamper the quality of your product. Hence, you need to plan and execute correctly. Here’s what you can do, 

The CAD has made designing a little more complex than usual. This means that the cutting of metal has to be done with the highest accuracy to meet tolerance requirements. In many cases, this is done by using CNC cutting equipment.

The methods utilized in the fabrication process are important. Thus, using the latest methods ensures that quality standards are met while keeping everything under budget. The only thing you need to ensure is to talk with your company. Ask them why they use a particular tool or method above others.

You need to ensure that the company has the skills, equipment, and workforce to provide you what you need. This is of particular importance for large projects. Make sure to track their record and find their completed projects to see if they match your expectations. Also, check if they have the reputation to complete with on time. 

What precautions do I need to take with structural steel projects?

Corrosion: Structures being exposed to harsh climatic conditions including marine projects ask for corrosion-resistant alloys. However, other structures can also be vulnerable to corrosion. For this, you need to check whether the structure needs to be treated against corrosion with paint or other products to protect its integrity over time. 

Fire Resistant: Steel is a fire-resistant metal which makes it a safer choice. However, other materials can result in fire. Extreme temperature conditions can weaken the steel causing it to soften and buckle. To avoid this, it is advisable to insulate steel against heat damage. 

What is welding?

Welders are of prime importance in the fabrication process. It is the method of joining two pieces of metal together. This is done by applying high heat to soften the metal. Once softened, it is applied with extreme pressure to unite two metal pieces in a melted state.

As the process is critical, the welder must check with the engineer’s blueprint before beginning the welding process. Upon checking, the welder uses a gas torch to fuse the joints of the sheet material. This complex process requires undivided attention. Any unskilled welder can cause metal warping due to high heat and pressure. 

What is the thickest material you can cut with a laser?

At Karma Product Development, we specialize in our latest technology of cutting mild steel up to 0.5”, stainless steel up to 0.5”, and aluminum up to 0.25”. 

What kind of engineering software do you use?

Our primary software is CAD. However, we take files in multiple formats and convert them to CAD. 

You can send your drawings in the following formats: DWF, PDF, EDRW, IGES, SLDDRW, SLDASM, DWG, DXF, SLDPRT, and STEP/STP. 

How can I get a quote?

You can submit whatever information you have along with the quantities required and we will work on the pricing for you. Make sure to provide us with adequate information so that we can give a fair pricing quotation. 

What is metal fabrication process?

Metal fabrication is the method of creating different materials of shapes and sizes from metal. Metal products are made by cutting, bending, and shaping metals including aluminum or steel into machines and building structures from it. 

What can be created with metal fabrication?

  • Metal staircases, houses, railings, and balconies.
  • Structural steel framework for houses
  •  Stairs and ladders for ships and buildings
  • Fencing and gates for residential applications
  • Canopies and awnings
  • Templates, anchor bolts, and embeds.

Do you offer custom fabrication?

Whatever your needs, team Karma Snack offers the best custom fabrication solutions. With our high-quality material and latest technology, we offer more robust and suitable solutions for your custom fabrication projects. 

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