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Karma Product Development: The Modern Plastic Fabrication Leaders in Miami

Plastic – an incredibly versatile material! 

Look around yourself and you’d probably find every fourth item made up of plastic or have a plastic part attached to it. It’s a popular industry material and is used widely for producing end-use parts and products. 

Plastic, as a material, has been the preferred choice for manufacturers and industrialists for many years. There are thousands of other options in terms of materials – from glass to metals to wood. But plastic has remained to be one of the most versatile production materials available till today. It can be fashioned into almost any imaginable form. Its flexibility, durability, and effectiveness are far better than other materials. Furthermore, it’s lightweight and hence, safer to use for everyone. 

Plastic is an integral asset for organizations working throughout a varied scope of industries. It offers longer wear and top performance without lubrication. That’s why it’s the first choice for architects, interior designers, and homeowners. It also facilitates various colors and textures to fit into any aesthetic. Customers love to have unlimited options to match their design space. 

Be it a consumer product, medical device, or heavy equipment, plastics are the most common materials to be used. Have you ever wondered how these globally-fancied materials are transformed into different sizes, shapes, and varieties of products? 

The answer to this question lies in three words – custom plastic fabrication. All the plastic products around you are the result of the custom plastic fabrication process. It is an integral and most crucial part of the plastic industry. Although it’s been in practice for years, it hasn’t still lost its complexity. That’s why it requires the involvement and inspection of experts to make sure things are going in the right direction. 

Karma product development is an expert custom plastic fabrication solution provider based in Miami Beach, Florida. Our capabilities to serve the right and most effective custom CNC plastic solutions are second to none. Our experts use their innovative and skillful traits to bring the best to the table, just as specified by our clients. Our specialization in plastic fabrication services makes us one of the best service providers in Florida. 

What is Plastic Fabrication?

Plastic fabrication is a process used to make plastic products through bending sheets of plastics into different shapes and forms. It involves designing, manufacturing, and assembling products made from plastic or composites containing plastic. Including a number of processes, it is one of the most complicated manufacturing formats. 

It’s a very technical process that might look easy on the surface. Moreover, since plastic is an extremely common commodity and used globally in the product development process, it appears to be a no-brainer process. However, that’s not the case. 

The process of plastic fabrication makes the molten liquid turn into the final industrial or consumer product with utmost finesse. It requires the presence of dedicated professionals who have experience in plastic fabrication services for many years. The process of plastic fabrication is a sum total of rather hours’ worth of careful planning and nearly a century’s worth of science that brought these advanced methods into existence.

The Process of Custom Plastic Fabrication

Custom plastic fabrication is a process made of a series of steps that are performed by skilled individuals. Here are those steps that make a raw piece of plastic into your desired plastic product – 

1.Design and Prototype

The first step of the process of custom plastic fabrication is to have an idea of the product that you’re creating. The initial idea could be anything from a medical product to an electrical product to a consumer product to a kid’s toy. But that’s just the start. You have an idea in your head and now you need to put it on paper to assess the viability of the idea. The first stage starts with the question of whether the idea can be put into the model of the fabrication process or not. 

If not, experts assess your idea and make it viable for use. A few changes, updates, fixations, and customizations convert the idea into a plan that needs to be turned into a final product.

Next, the requirements of the plan are taken into consideration. For example, if you’re making a toy for kids, it needs to be lightweight and kid-friendly. Or if it’s a chair, it should be more than a piece of display. It should be able to support the weight of an average-weighted person. 

The design experts work on the initial blueprints. Instead of jumping straight to the work, a virtual 3D prototype model is created. It’s done to see if there are any potential problems that need to be adjusted for the end product. If it happens, they suggest improvements and changes in the process.

Once designers finalize the design, a prototype is created. A single prototype or a couple of prototypes in some cases is sent to the client in the same format as the end product. The client evaluates the prototype and if they find it perfect, they give it a go-ahead for full-scale production.

2. Custom Molding and Casting

Now starts the making process. This process involves working the molds and casts according to the specification of different prototypes. The items could be of any specification and may need different strength and quality standards. Depending on those, a plastic casting process is initiated. 

The journey of every plastic product starts with small beads. Those beads are then converted into liquid form. An injector is used to mix the right ratio of raw plastic materials. The material involves dies or raisins. The beads are then melted into a uniform liquid. 

The liquid is then injected into custom-made molds. The process of custom-molding is preferred to create products with precise specifications. Using these, the products can be mass-manufactured in a variety of ways.

Under high pressures and temperatures, a fabrication mold made especially for this product is used to pour the plastic liquid. Once poured, it’s allowed to cool down for some time. Then it’s forced out of the mold. After emptying the mold, a second batch of the liquid is injected into the same mold and the same process is repeated. 

3. Drape Forming

Drape forming is a process of converting a plastic sheet into a form where it can facilitate pressing or bending of the sheet through the heating process. By using both the inside and the outside firm, the desired shape is created without the use of a vacuum. During the process, the plastic is not entirely stretched out. Rather, it retains its full dimensional thickness from that of its original form in a flat sheet of material. Also, if the plastic sheet is clear or textured, it will retain its surface features post-processing. The process then involves that plastic sheet to be dropped into any given dimensional shape. 

One example of drape forming products are the windshields used in vehicles. 

The plastic sheet is cut into the rough shape needed. It’s then heated and draped over a custom volume. This results in creating a perfect curvature for the specific application needed.

At this stage, different methods are used for different purposes – 

  • Cutting
  • Milling 
  • Drilling 
  • Lathe Work 
  • Welding

The cutting and drilling process involves changing raw materials like acrylic or polycarbonate into nearly any shape needed. The plastic welding method bonds two pieces together in a permanent fashion. The lathe and milling techniques carve solid blocks of material into intricate shapes. The method of milling is used to create a specific component like a plastic screw plate using computer-controlled drill bits that make cuts and grooves with laser precision.

4. End-Product Finishing

There are some products that need proper finishing to look a certain way, For such products, a custom finishing process is done. It includes methods like polishing and buffing. They make the finished product into the final product. With the involvement of such methods, a unique finish is provided to the product so that it looks seamless from every dimension. A metallic luster, a glass-like sheen, or a textured effect changes the visual appearance of the product making it look more attractive. 

Other than that, various applications are used to decorate the product. Silk screening, decal application, and many other forms of decorating make your product shelf-ready. It enhances the product adding to its beauty. The moment it’s shipped to the client – it mirrors that it’s new and made recently.

The Advantages of Custom Plastic Fabrication Process

Plastic products are used majorly in our daily lives. Along with that, many products are created for specific industries for specific requirements. Have you ever thought about why plastic is given so much preference? 

It’s because the process behind the making of plastic has quite a few advantages. Let’s get to know why the custom plastic fabrication process is beneficial – 

1. It’s a Flexible Process

The process of custom plastic fabrication is a highly flexible process. It allows the products to be created into different shapes and sizes. The needs of the customer can define the specification of the product. There are close to no limitations in terms of adapting a product according to the requirement and specifications. No matter how complicated the design is, it can be made. Most of the troubled specification like rounded corners, tapered walls or gradual changes in wall thickness is managed by the process of custom plastic fabrication.

2. It Facilitates Easy Customization

The process of custom plastic fabrication doesn’t stop a manufacturer from adding the flair of creativity to the product. It’s a fairly customizable process that allows the designer to play with different features according to the needs of the client. Whether you need different surface colors, textures, or designs, it’s possible to make the product attractive and appealing along with enhancing its usability. For a consumer-oriented industry, where aesthetics plays a major role, custom plastic fabrication services are the most suitable. 

3. It Uses the Raw Material Efficiently

The methods used in custom plastic fabrication allow results that have little to no waste in the manufacturing process. Unlike other processes like subtractive processes, CNC machining and injection molding facilitate the efficient use of resources. It only involves the wastage of materials that are required for the time the production run is in use. Even then, the waste, in many cases, can be recycled and re-incorporated into your raw material stock.

4. It’s a High-Efficiency Process

The methods of custom plastic fabrication are known as one of the most high-efficiency methods. The credits go to the high production output rate that keeps the process efficient and cost-effective. Speed depends on the complexity and size of the mold. But it doesn’t require more than 15-120 seconds between each cycle time.

5. It’s a Cost-Effective Process

Plastic is one of the most cost-effective materials today. In comparison to other products like metal or glass, it’s easy to be manipulated into different shapes and sizes with minimum cost. With other materials, since the process isn’t that easy, the production cost may go soaring up the roof. But with plastic, you can minimize your production costs. It helps in creating an affordable product for the customers. 

Our Services in Custom Plastic Fabrication

Karma Product Development is a passionate team of engineers and designers that turns your ideas into reality in the most affordable and quality-optimized manner. Let’s have a look at the variety of services we offer you in the process of custom plastic fabrication –

  • A precise and closely-monitored and tolerated cutting of all materials
  • Computer-aided design assistance – CAD/CAM
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Lathe work
  • Solvent and adhesive bonding
  • Heat bending
  • Drape forming
  • Custom molding and casting of various plastic materials
  • Silk-screening
  • Decal application
  • Decorating
  • Polishing/buffing
  • Quality inspections on all parts
  • Rapid Response Team for fast turn-around of pro-type and sample fabricated parts

Our expertise and knowledge make it possible for us to deliver the best quality miller plastic products to you. Our results are made to meet all the laboratory and quality standards. 

Why You Should Choose Us as Your Custom Plastic Fabrication Partner?

Karma Product Development is a leading product developer that’s changing your vision into reality using our design and development services. Our action-oriented approach has allowed us to manufacture precise, innovative, and skillful outcomes for our clients. 

Be it medical and healthcare, defense and aerospace, food processing, pr Electrical, Electronics, and Semiconductor, our agency has delivered the most customizable, user-friendly, and affordable results to the industry. We are also effective-service providers in the dimensions of OEM / MRO, chemicals, Displays, Automotive and Transportation and Barriers, and Energy & Power. 

Karma Product Development is a popular service provider that’s known to follow a full-proof process to deliver the required results. We have –

  • A dedicated team of experts that have experienced years to work towards creating a customer-friendly and industry-specified design.
  • 24/7 customer service to be available for our clients in case of queries and doubts. Our team makes sure that your questions are timely resolved.
  • Strict adherence to laws and regulations to be in sync with the industry and government norms. 
  • Implementation of the best practices through varied methodologies to ensure great results are delivered.
  • A flexible approach to provide our clients with the liberty to put forward their ideas freely and without any hesitation.
  • A problem-solving attitude to clear all the limitations of the process immediately. We believe in providing a clear path of working for you to have excellent results. 

Along with custom plastic fabrication services, Karma Product development provides an array of services including patent searches, US patent applications, invention design, invention engineering, CAD engineering, invention prototypes, prototype design, prototype engineering, prototype development, patent development, patent engineering, and invention manufacturing domestically or overseas.

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Karma Product Development is a prominent leader in delivering quality custom plastic fabrication services. We are based in Miami Beach, Florida. However, our services are enjoyed by our happy and satisfied customers all over the world. 

If you aren’t sure from where to begin the journey of your product development, we can be your ray of light in this complicated process. Reach out to Karma Product Development right now and enjoy affordable and quality product services. You can also contact us at +1 (877) 650-8890 and ask all your questions away!

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Custom plastic fabrication isn’t an easy and straightforward process. It’s a sum total of various methods and approaches that might get a little difficult to understand. That’s why we are here with some of the most frequently asked questions that may solve your general queries. Let’s dive!

1. Why choose Karma Product Development as my product development partner?

We are a one-stop shop for all your product development requirements. We hustle to make your ideas mature into big, profit-making, reputable brands through the process of product development. Our design and engineering teams are trained to collaborate with our clients seamlessly to provide personal attention to your project. Our outstanding customer service keeps our clients connected to us even after project completion. Our team is extremely flexible and open to accommodate our client’s constantly changing schedules. We stick by following the procedures and follow all the guidelines and quality standards. We don’t deal with your idea as a task – we make it our personal baby project to nurture it with everything it needs during the course of its maturity period. We are a product development company and our mission is to provide the apt amount of growth and development to every idea, regardless of its scale, size, and industry. Our aim is to gain the right tick in our very first attempt to develop the product and launch it in the market the right way.

2. What kind of plastic materials do you work with?

Plastics are available in thousands of varieties. There are different bases for plastics based on the choices of chemistries, derivatives, and additives. It’s done by keeping in mind the requirement of the end product and the functional and aesthetic properties of the product. The different material that Karma Product Development works with are – 

  1. Thermoplastic 
  2. Acrylic (PMMA)
  3. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
  4. Polyamide (PA)
  5. Polylactic acid (PLA)
  6. Polycarbonate (PC)
  7. Polyether ether ketone (PEEK)
  8. Polyethylene (PE)
  9. Polypropylene (PP)
  10. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  11. Thermosetting Plastics
  12. Cyanate ester
  13. Epoxy
  14. Polyester
  15. Polyurethane
  16. Silicone
  17. Vulcanized rubber

3. How long does a plastic part take to be designed?

The time taken by a plastic part to be designed cannot be stated in concrete figures. It depends on the product in case. It depends on a number of factors like the size of the part, the specifications of the part, the design of the part, its complexity level, the design intricacies, the visual aesthetics, and many more.

The manufacturing process can be classified into different brackets of time. Some processes get completed in 24 hours while others take a month’s time.

The lead time for various complex manufacturing processes can be divided as follows – 

  • 3D printing – 12 – 36 hours
  • CNC machining – 24 hours – 2 weeks
  • Polymer casting – 24 hours – 1 week
  • Rotational molding – 4-6 weeks
  • Vacuum forming – 4-6 weeks
  • Injection molding – 8-10 weeks
  • Extrusion – 2-4 weeks
  • Blow molding – 4-6 weeks

4. How much does it cost to produce a plastic part?

The process of custom plastic fabrication in the United States is the most high-quality and affordable manufacturing process in the world in comparison to other countries. At Karma Product Development, the rates of our services are convenient for even small and medium-scale industries. 

5. What is the process of designing a new plastic product?

The process of designing a plastic product from scratch has a standard sequence of steps – 

  • Planning of the product concept
  • Product design development
  • Research and development of the final design
  • 3D model design and creation
  • Prototype creation
  • Prototype testing
  • Manufacturing process
  • Assembling process
  • Feedback and testing
  • Product development
  • The Final product

Do you have any more queries? Feel free to reach out to us right away! Drop a message, call us, or visit us – we’d be more than happy to serve you!

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