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What Are The Difference Between a Copyright, Patent, and a Trademark?

Copyright, Patent, and a TrademarkTrademark

Everyone aspires to have top-notch security for their assets. Whether it is your exclusive, high-yielding idea or the poem you drafted on a global crisis— you want to protect what’s yours. Asset protection and security might not be significant at an individual level but when you decide to go all out, it is essential. 

Protection of your ideas, brand propositions, or artistic works leads to the path of the nation’s growth. A country that puts forward strong regulations to secure the creations of an individual and acts as a catalyst in the overall development of the state. Bring this ideology to life, countries have backed up their citizens by the Intellectual Property Law which offers high-end protection to your craft. 

The IP Protection offers three integral rights with an aim to assist individuals to represent their work at a global level without the fear of getting copied. These are the rights exercised by people who wish to secure their innovative ideas, great art, or engaging research work. 

Trademark: Secure Your Brand and Its Identity

When we talk about businesses, the first thing that pops up in our minds is the consumer. The target audience holds the power to transform your revenues and value placements. It is thus important to keep a close engagement with your existing customer and set an eye-grabbing effect for the visitors to get attracted. This is exactly where Trademark comes into the picture. 

Trademark is a single word, a group of words, specific color or shape pattern for the logo or symbols that make a brand unique. These attributes contribute to making a brand different from its competitors. While the market may see many players in the same domain, their trademarks set them apart from each other. 

Being the first element of your brand to be viewed by the visitor, Trademark is imperative in putting your business on the path to success. It makes you stand different from the rest of them and also mitigates the possible chances of fraud plagiarisms. The owner of the Trademark is entitled to use the brand name and logo, while others are barred from the usage without due permission from the owner. An issued Trademark is valid for 10 years after which it requires you to apply for the renewal. 

Patents: Show Your Secured Inventions to the World

A curious mind gives rise to a zillion ideas. People in the business ecosystem find it natural to have acquired this acumen and ponder upon result-oriented ideas. The ideas can also be generated for the betterment of mankind or for the benefit of the planet. Since such ideas can easily be copied and taken credits for; patents are here to solve your problem. 

A patent is one of the most notable rights offered by the law which makes it easier to secure your revolutionary ideas or plans. Patents are given to the ideas which have a validity of uniqueness, out-of-the-box concept, and have defined utility. 

The owner or holder of the patent has the exclusivity rights for 20 years and takes close to 3 years in its registration process which is a must in claiming the patent

Copyrights: Keep Up the Originality of Your Art

We are the closest to the pieces of art that we create. Whether it is a painting, books, sounds, or the photographs that we click— all hold a sense of ownership. Copyrights help in bringing their essence into action while making the art secure and well-protected in the marketplace

With valid copyrights, your name is associated with all of your creations and prevents the chances of others claiming its ownership. 

The owner is given the right to reproduce, market, lend or lease these assets. The validity for the copyrights lasts for a lifetime along with 60+ years after their death. Copyrights are the most ideal IP Protection for securing creative creations. 

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