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How Rapid Prototyping is Revolutionizing the Automotive Sector?

Of late, Rapid Prototyping 3D printing is in great demand due to its obvious advantages over conventional manufacturing. It has been observed that 3d prototyping generates 75% faster results as compared to traditional methods. Whether it’s about designing or getting a blueprint of your product, prototyping is a fair choice that helps industries in enhancing output. 

This cutting-edge technology can be seen revolutionizing the traditional manufacturing methodologies, especially in the automotive sector. Recently, the Australian Design Studio was seen out passing its creation by making use of the prototyping services. The designs were honored at a North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. The design presented by them was of the Buick Avenir concept car which was designed and built in Port Melbourne Australia. 

The Avener constitutes a sleek grill that was created from scratch by using rapid prototyping. A cutting-edge 3D technology was used and quick parts were manufactured in their facility in Melbourne. This over-the-top Avenir car saw significant distinction at the Eyes On Design Awards in 2015. The car was showcased at this prestigious automotive event which also received awards for Best Concept Vehicle and Best Innovative Use of Color, Graphics, and Materials. 

What Did They Do?

The Avenir car was developed from scratch by using rapid prototyping services. Right from the designing to manufacturing, the entire concept was laid down on prototyping. The Quick parts made use of industry top standard rapid prototyping. And 3D printing systems to produce functional prototype models and components. 

The 3D printers offer users easy access to designing and getting a production-ready system for the most effective end/use, functional parts, and prototypes. 

A report says “ the involvement of 3D systems in the development of award-winning Avenir- French for the ‘future’ shows the ability of the automotive sector to deliver rapid turnaround and amazing innovation. With the rapid change in the automotive industry and the need for constant demand, Avenir sets an example of a design that shows how innovative methods can be utilized to deliver a customized, cost-effective solution for the leading car players.” 

To your surprise, the top-notch grill prototype of Avenir was just made in three days. This sets an example for conventional production methods that CNC machining for the grill would have otherwise taken more than two weeks to deliver a quality and finished product. Furthermore, it gives the user the freedom to customize the grill according to their choice, all of it being produced at a much cheaper cost. 

What Can the Automotive Industry Learn From It?

The metal prototyping services are easy and offer a variety of advantages over the traditional methods. Automobile manufacturing is a tough business in itself. Furthermore, the cutthroat competition makes it difficult to come up with innovative ideas. In such a case, Buick Avenir comes as a surprise which manufactured the front grill in a couple of days with 3D printing. The conventional production methods would have taken a minimum of 2 weeks to get this done. 

The automotive industry can utilize 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies more to generate greater output. This is because of the reason that prototyping technology can provide a competitive advantage and open up more doors for innovation and customization. 

A lot of automotive industries have accepted the change and are making use of 3D printing integration in the production of under the bonnet prototype components as a part of vehicle manufacturers’ concept design work. 

The future of the automobile industry can see the demand for 3d printing due to continuous rise in the foreseeable future as the major competitors begin to understand the capacity for rapid product prototype development

What Does it Offer?

As we can see, rapid prototyping is not just about designing, using 3d printing, and getting the end product. It is also about taking time to analyze the product by creating designs at the same time. 

Usually, the conventional methods of manufacturing require a vast amount of man work. The sample designs take a whole lot of time to produce. Furthermore, testing takes a longer time than manufacturing. It takes a lot of time to launch a product in the market. Also, the cut-to-throat competition is always a constant.

However, with 3d printing, you can create as many designs and products as you want in a shorter time. You can spend more time evaluating your products and enhancing their ability. It gives you added value to your process and testing methods, all of it quicker than traditional manufacturing.


Buick Avenir has set an example of how rapid prototyping can bring wonders to your business. The technology can not only help you in brainstorming but also improve the overall quality of your process as well as product. The automotive industry can see it making a huge change and delivering top-notch products in no time. 

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