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How to Make 3D Models for Games?

3D Models for Games

The world of gaming is a combination of non-linear storytelling and incompatible qualities. Character artists breathe life into these qualities and create game characters that ultimately become the hallmark of the game project. One of the art concepts responsible for the functionality and transformation of these characters is 3D modeling.

3D modeling makes the gaming world magical, transforming the art into real and concrete 3D models. Undoubtedly, it can seem daunting at first. However, once you know the techniques behind the shapes and process, everything will sail smoothly for you. 

 We are here with the behind-the-scenes of creating 3D models for gaming. Let’s discover them – 

Techniques to Create 3D Models for GamesHow to Make 3D Models for Games

Subdivision Technique

It is a polygonal modeling technique that involves creating the most advanced 3D models with basic shapes such as rectangle, circle, triangle, etc. These shapes are reshaped and manipulated into the required form and size. Since it is uncomplicated and fast to learn, this method is most suitable for beginners. 

It begins with creating a mesh of simple shapes, which is then developed using online 3d modeling software. Furthermore, the unrequired portions are eliminated. The artist puts intrinsic details to the model so that it resembles the planned 3D character or object. 

Edge Modeling

It is also a polygonal technique, but it involves developing a model piece by piece. It is all about the careful placement of the polygons adjacent to each other to create a detailed and clear model. 

The artist first makes an initial outline of the model. It is then filled up with separate loops to connect the link between different features of the model. To create the finished model, artists create a basic loop and then add more loops around it. 

This technique is majorly used for designing 3D human faces and their parts – eyes, lips, ears, nose, etc.

Digital Sculpting

Digital sculpting is an evolution in the world of online 3D modeling. This technique is popular for the creation of photorealistic models.

Before the existence of this technique, 3D artists used the subdivision technique to create 3D models for games. With the introduction of digital sculpting, they started sculpting using 3D modeling software. It makes the process fast, and provides a more realistic look and feel. 

3D Scanning

This technique, famously used in the film industry, is a cornerstone of gaming when it comes to placing people rather than fictional characters at the title core. To create a model, a 3D scanner is required to collect data by scanning an object or person from multiple angles. 

It can create similar facial expressions of the model, thanks to its precise polygonal or NURBS mesh. However, this technique is not as effective when it comes to scanning any shiny object, mirror, or transparent thing. 

Procedural Modeling

Procedural modeling allows an artist to design the entire game location by selecting the type of environment and landscape required. It drastically reduces the need for high skills and long hours to craft background detail of the game. Such modeling techniques offer an infinite set of predesigned objects of the environment like grass, trees, mountains, buildings, inside the mesh. Moreover, it also allows the artist to select the parameters for elevation, density, and distance. 

Few special tools give the option to generate various unique objects and their detailing. It is possible because of recursive assets generation, which offers a unique look to every object across the entire location. 


NURBS ( Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline) modeling is an old mathematical model used to create curves and surfaces. However, a 3D game artist needs to work concentrated and smart while using NURBS modeling as a 3D image once created cannot be altered again. It is an effective and fast solution to create a 3D radial object. 

3D modeling has enhanced the world of gaming design. If you want to leverage the benefits of advanced 3D gaming designs, Consult with online 3D modeling experts at Karma Product Development. We can simplify the process for you and deliver exceptional 3D models for your game design.