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How to make a 3D Model?

The world is developing every single minute. The quality of life is improving with every passing day because of ‘Technology.’ Even the weirdest and impossible imaginations have come to life. From being able to fly to any place to sitting in a corner and knowing everything about the world, technology has made everything possible.

Another such thought that is becoming a reality these days is online 3D modeling. Ever wondered about creating a three-dimensional object using readily available software? Yes! We are talking about that. In this article, we will tell you about 3D modeling, its use, and how to make such models. 

What is 3D Modeling?3d model making

As the name itself conveys, we’re talking about creating some 3D objects (The objects consist of all three dimensions, i.e., length, breadth, and height). Every 3D object is made up of 3D mesh, and the method of forming this mesh is known as 3D modeling.

A proper definition goes this way: The method to create a three-dimensional representation based on the mathematical coordinate of a surface or object through specialized software is called 3D modeling. These objects can be simple (single piece) and complex (made by joining various shapes). The created objects are known as 3D models, and we can either create a replica of an existing object or even the designs that aren’t present in real life, i.e., through our imagination.

Uses of 3D Modeling:

  • Architecture: Creates interactive shapes of buildings, helps in proper structuring
  • Films: Creation of CGI characters, environments, etc.
  • Engineering: For creating to the point designs and models
  • Video games: For creating visual 3D components and animations
  • Academics: For studies and research purposes

After knowing about 3D models, you must be wondering how to make a 3D model? Here’s a complete guide to getting you started. 

Types of 3D Models:

The 3D models are of two types:

  1. Solid: These models show the volume of the object along with its structure. They are a bit more challenging to create but also more descriptive. They are used in CAD and visual stimulations in engineering and medical fields.
  2. Boundary/shell: These models deal only with the object’s structure; they are hollow from inside but yet appealing. These are comparatively easy to create and are mainly used in movies and games.

Different Techniques of Online 3D Modeling:

To make a 3D model from scratch, the first thing you need to know is the various techniques. Let’s learn about them:

  • Digital Sculpting: It is similar to clay modeling. It has made the process technically easier, and more leaned towards art.
  • NURBS Modeling: NURBS stands for Non-uniform rational B-spline, a mathematical model type that uses smooth curves guideposts. They represent smooth and rounded shapes.
  • Box Modeling: It is a quick method of creating basic shapes. In inbox modeling, every form begins with a cube and is further extended by creating other parts. It is mainly used for character creation.
  • Laser Scanning: Here, a laser beam is used to create models. The real object is first scanned, and then a digital representation is made.

There are more techniques available, but these were the commonly used ones.

Creating a 3D model:

To get started in Online 3D Modeling, you will need:

  1. 3D capable computer: GPU, CPU, memory, and storage space are the major critical factors behind the functionality of a computer. It should be embedded with a highly efficient processor, operating system, and other attachments.
  2. 3D Software: Without software, it is not possible to create a 3D model. You need to choose a well capable and cost-efficient design software for making the best appealing designs.
  3. Education: Most professional modelers (people who design and make 3D models) pursue a proper degree in the field, but it is not essential. You can learn by yourself through courses and people and still be successful as a 3D modeler.

Best Software for Online 3D Modeling:

  • Autodesk Maya: Considered the best modeling software, Maya is excellent at every feature required to create a unique 3D model. If you aim to get a job in the VFX industry, it is a highly recommended one.
  • ZBrush: It comes with an incredible sculpting toolset and can handle millions of polys with ease. It is suitable for creating high-resolution 3D models used in animations and movies.
  • Blender: It is the best free available 3D modeling software in the market. It comes with a robust toolset that creates high-quality professional animations.

So, this was all from our side. Our Product Development Services Company hopes that this article will help you in starting your career in 3D modeling.