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Patents and trademarks are important for aspiring inventors to have to protect their inventions. There are different types of patents. Each is for a different type of product.

A patent is obtained from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. They are the ones to go to for patent services. Terms of the patent state that it is in effect for 20 years from the first-filed date that the forms were filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent is the right to the product exclusively granted for you. This means that no one else is allowed to produce, use, or to sell the product as their own in the United States.

There are three types of patents

Utility Patent

The utility patent is granted to the person that invents or finds something that is new and is helpful in the way of machinery, process, a product for manufacturing, or the configuration of importance. It can be brand-new and the advancement of an item.

Many items qualify under a utility patent. Some of the creative works that can be eligible for this type of patent are biological inventions, brand-new chemical formulations, computer hardware or software, and makeup. Other items are electrical inventions or circuits, inventions that involve food items, houseware items, and machines used in the industry business.


Design Patent

A design patent is granted to the person that dreams up a brand-new, innovative, and memorable design of an item to assemble. It cannot be a functional item. This can be many different things. The inventors’ mind is the only limitation. A design patent is good for 14 years only.

Some of the items that can be patented under these are chairs, wallpaper, and shoes. It could even be a computer screen icon. The sky is the limit as long as it fits into the perimeters.

Plant Patent

The plant patent is exactly what it sounds like it is. It is granted to the person who creates a unique and brand-new collection of plants. It could be a flower, vegetable, herb, or tree, it does not matter what kind of plant it is. This patent is usually reserved for scientists that do plant research or a horticultural expert. It is unusual for a regular person to file for this patent and most likely will not be approved for one. The patent services office at the United States Patent and Trademark Office will help with the forms.

This covers the method of reproducing the plant that will create a genuine genetic reproduction of the plant. This could be done by breeding different types of plants to develop mutants and/or hybrids and brand-new found seedlings. This patent prevents others from creating the same kind of plant or making money from the plant for around 20 years from the time of being filed.

If you need help figuring out if your idea can be patented then our offices can help you figure this out. Try either Florida patent services. They are part of the Karma Product Development offices.

A trademark is a word, saying, or icon that stands for a company or a product. It separates the item or services of one corporation or organization from others that could be competing against them. These items need to be registered so that it will keep their creations or intellectual property legally protected from others trying to use them as their works. Here are some other examples of things that can be trademarked. Acronyms, slogans, and specially stylized fonts are some different items that are trademarked.

Trademarks are important since it makes it where customers know whose brand it is that they are seeing when they are in a crowded store looking for an item. They keep people from trying to copy or use the work of others. Companies are encouraged to keep certain standards. That means that to keep sales figures up they need to hold up to their brand’s promise.

Different Types of Trademarks

There are several different types of trademarks. They are made so that they work with the personality or look of the brand. The different types are brand names, product names, company logos, and slogans, words that are written in stylized fonts, colors, and product shapes. There are sounds, fake characters, symbols, and combinations of different marks that include more than a feature to them.

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