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Patent Attorneys Help To Protect Your Property Rights

A patent is an exclusive right granted to an inventor by a U.S. governmental office. This protects the inventor from anyone else trying to use or sell the product without permission. A patent can also be sold, bought, and licensed only through the inventor.

A patent attorney help to protect their client’s intellectual property rights against those who would attempt to confiscate those rights. When it is time to bring a new invention idea to the market, inventors need the guidance of an experienced patent service. Getting a product from a sketch idea to market is filled with legal and complicated minutia.

We at Karma Product Development are your full-service patent protection and patent guide. As your professional consulting experts, we ensure that you are on your road to a patent. We have years of experience in working with individuals and corporations from our Florida and New York offices.

Are you ready to realize your business invention? Now you are thinking about where is a patent attorney near me. Look no further than Karma Product Development who will supply a quality Florida patient attorney or a New York patent attorney to help your dream come true.

Our skilled network team is part of our licensing companies, prototype design experts, marketing and development professionals.

Karma Product Development can help represent you in the following fields:

• Application registration with the U.S. Patent Office and Trademark Office

CAD engineering

• Design Assistance

• Florida patent attorney

• Funding Opportunities and more

• Introduction to inventor associations

• Licensing

• New York patent attorney

• Patent Searches

Prototype Development

Trade show Marketing/Manufacturers and other professional services

Time is an important factor in getting inventions realized. As a successful service firm of patents and inventions, we will ensure that your valuable time and design are marketable. We will succinctly research your idea to make sure that it is unique. With our  Karma Product Development patent attorney, we will fight for your product’s existence.

The reason we want to help you is that only 2% or 3% of patented inventions reach the market. The road to achieving a patent is a valuable goal in your success. But before you receive a patent, as identified above, there are several steps and hurdles to overcome.

Your patent will fall under certain categories. Depending on what category your patent falls we ensure that before it expires, that you remain legally valid and fully covered. For this reason, your inventive idea is in very capable hands when you use your services. We help to prototype your valuable inventions.

We further license your idea. We help guide you through its production, marketing, and saleability. Visit our website and fill out our Free Product Review form for a free consultation. You can easily call our offices with a telephone number that we have provided. We look forward to working with the next brilliant idea.