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What is the Purpose of Prototyping

Purpose of Prototyping

The journey of product development is intrinsic. Reaching the point where your product is ready for mass production is not only time-consuming but complicated too. It’s because the product needs to solve the pain points of the customers. 

To make the process of evaluation easier, a working model of the product is created. It is known as a prototype that is used for product testing for users and stakeholders. 

Some people are unsure about the purpose of prototyping. They doubt whether it is necessary for the product development process. To solve your queries, we are here with a guide on the prototype. Let’s dive in!


What is a Prototype?What is the Purpose of Prototyping

A prototype is a model created to test ideas, design, and other conceptual aspects of a proposed solution. It converts the intangible specifications into tangible ones with a limited working model. 

Prototyping allows the involved designers to detect and make appropriate amendments and required changes in the design. It is a quick and cheap process to analyze design physically. 

When developing a new idea, prototyping helps to solve a problem affordably. However, a prototype is not of the same standard as a final product. Nonetheless, it effectively helps in detecting the shortcomings of the product. 

What is the Purpose of a Prototype in JavaScript?

In javascript, prototypes make it possible to define the methods of all instances of a particular object. The best part is that the method that’s applied to the prototype is only stored in the memory once, but its access is provided to every instance of the object. The sole purpose of a prototype Quizlet is to avoid duplicity. 

Object creation gets faster using prototypes, as there is no need to recreate methods every time. 

The method is stored in only one place in the prototype. Therefore, when you call a function, the stored method will be called. This process needs less memory and improves the performance of javascript engines. 

Why is Prototype Necessary? 

Of course, a prototype is necessary, as it is an easy and affordable way to touch, feel, and try a new widget or an application. The other reasons why a prototype is necessary is: 


Prototyping allows you to identify and eliminate ambiguities. It helps to get things resolved so that the final product can be accurate. 


A prototype helps to identify if the final product can fit properly in your hands, on your body, or in space. It not only considers a specific body but considers all possible body types.


A prototype can help test the suitability of colors, textures, and materials for your final product. 


A prototype is necessary for the survey to get feedback. The feedback received can be used to improvise the final product. 


A prototype showcases and introduces your idea to potential investors. It allows you to demonstrate your idea practically with a model instead of theoretical content.


A prototype helps in the testing process to identify if the product works, or needs any mechanical tweaks. If the testing goes successful, it validates your idea. 

What are the Types of Prototypes?

A suitable type of prototype for your business is based on your requirements. Typically, prototypes are of three types:

  • Looks like – prototypes that only look like a finished product or application.
  • Acts like – prototypes that function like the finished product but do not look like it. 
  • Conceptual test (for proof of principle) – prototypes designed to test just a portion of the whole concept.

Prototypes have different levels based on whether they are for functional purpose or display purpose:

  • Simple duct-tape and baling wire prototypes to visualize or test the working;
  • Clay or paper mache to provide the rough idea of a design;
  • Functional representations;
  • 3D prototypes that look almost like a final product and may also function, but not at its full potential;
  • Highly finished, fragile prototypes for presentation;
  • Functional and representational like the final product.

Prototyping allows you a chance to try. It is an opportunity for you to try, hold, interact with, and get feedback for your product before it’s launched. It is imperative for the success of your product.

Karma Product Development is here to help you with your product development process. We can rightly serve your prototyping needs and help you reach new advancements in the process of your product creation.