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Think it

At Karma Product Development, we create your vision through design. From a rough sketch on a napkin, we can make it happen. Our value for our clients is reflected in our new product design process. Whether or not you have a patent, we collaborate with the industry's best engineers to help bring your idea to life. Our conviction matches aesthetics with functionality.  Each design is tailored to each of our client’s personalities. We enhance the design of your product by evaluating what specs manufacturers will need to create it. Simple as that.


Build it

We work with a team of engineers to bring your sketch to reality. We first make a 3D design of your product and review it with you. This gives us a chance to truly personalize your product; while making it as aesthetically appealing as possible. After we have your approval, our head of engineering will work with manufacturers to make a functioning prototype. Just like that, your idea became an invention. The next step is developing a platform to market your product.

Promote it

In order to market your product, you need to have a way of identifying it. We help by developing your brand. With a team of experts, we can create identifying factors for your product, market research, and an invention portfolio. These 3 components are the tools you need to conduct true marketing. With our help, you can make your idea a financial asset.


What will you create?

Karma Product Development

Karma Product Development has specialized in helping inventors for the past 2 decades. We help you turn your invention ideas into real prototypes. This is possible through a full range of support services for developing, patenting, and marketing your final invention.

The process starts with you. From a simple sketch, we help you transform your basic invention ideas into working digital models. We then show you how to patent ideas or products. Once your patent is in process, we help you create an invention portfolio for use at marketing opportunities and events targeted specifically for your invention.

With our help, the sky’s the limit on what you can achieve with your idea or invention. For more information on our patent assistance and idea development services, click on the links below or contact us at +1-877-650-8890



My wife and I were skeptical at first but after the initial phone consultation we were sold by the professionalism and attention to detail through every step of the process

Aaron and Lina Richards

The 3D renderings, logo and sell sheet were awesome! I was very pleased with the feedback that was provided along the way and I’m extremely pleased on how quick my drawings came alive for me.

Erica Velez